Yesterday was the best day in a long time. I not only found my favorite cousin in the entire world, the day before, yesterday I spoke to her on the phone. We talked for one hour and 43 minutes! The only reason we hung up is both of our phones were dying! Cindy is my real cousin, as many of my readers know, I am adopted. Cindy is my blood cousin; my birth mother and her dad are brother and sister. When I was growing up I idolized her, would follow her everywhere, I know she got sick of me!
We have not been in contact in years, not big fight, no falling out, just one of those things where you lose contact. Was the days before Facebook and the search engines, I will be forever grateful to Facebook from this point on. I found her on Facebook; there are so many Cindy’s out there, and a ton with our maiden name, which as you all know I never say, for privacy reasons. But the day before yesterday I decided to give a stab, again, and this time there was a Cindy with a picture I recognized. It was my Cindy!
It was amazing catching up with her, finding out what is going on and what has gone on with all of the other cousins, aunts and uncles.
I also got to see Wanda again after work, love spending time with her, since Sandi passed I have been feeling adrift and disconnected. Visiting with Wanda makes me feel connected again. So grateful that because of Sandi I have so many amazing friendships that will continue on.

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