Disjointed Thoughts

Yesterday I discovered a local radio station is playing Christmas music already. This made me happy. Last night was Castle night, I cannot wait to go home and watch it! Love, love, love Nathan Fillion. For a Canadian he rocks.
I know yesterday I talked about finding Christmas presents for other people and Elizabeth wanted to know what I found for her. Well she reads this! Just know I do know one thing I am getting you so far, but you are elusive, I cannot pin you down on anything! I say is that what you want, you say maybe. So coy!
I love Christmas, I love the lights, the smells, the brightly wrapped presents, I love choosing the perfect gift for my loved ones, i.e. my children and granddaughter and of course now the Irishman. I love a real tree, the smell, just amazing. I am not a big fake tree person, every year, I swear I am going to go the day after Christmas and buy one, but I never do. Oh, I look at them, but never purchase.
This time of year I actually bake, I bake cookies, sugar cookies, I love making the shapes then icing them, I really loved it when the kids were little. I don’t know if they remember this, but we always made the cookies and iced them with the different colors of icing. They were so good, made better because we all made them. I miss that. Making the cookies with them. Maybe Elizabeth can come down from her farm and we can steal Tessa and make cookies.
I have not gotten political here in a long time; I just want to say how disgusted I am by our current president’s lackadaisical attitude toward American jobs. He made a trip to Mumbai and told them he supported them taking our jobs. I work in a place that would love nothing better than to take my job and move it there. Thank you Mr. President for making it easy for them, there is a lot going on in the political arena these days that I find distasteful. I seriously wonder who the Republican contender will be in 2012, I find Sarah Palin unpalatable, I don’t understand how she is so influential. I am so shocked that the masses have embraced her and her ignorance. I don’t pretend to get it. I also cannot see another 4 years like these last two have been. I am disturbed by how the current administration seems to not like Americans. He seems determined to bring it all crashing down. I love this country, I don’t pretend to understand how someone could want to tear it down, move our jobs overseas and no one calls him on it? Am I the blind one?
Ok enough of that, I am incredibly tired today, this weather makes Chewie drive me crazy. He wanted in and out all last night, and I don’t want to not let him out on the off chance he has to go do his business. But that was not the case 3 out of the 4 times, he just wanted to go and sniff the cool air! So, broken sleep for me, which is not good, I am going to go home and watch my programs and lock myself in my room. Maybe just leave the backdoor open until I go to bed. But I have to tell you I did that yesterday and he still woke me up all night. I love the cold air, but he acts like this is the first time he has sniffed it!

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