I have a confession to make. I love Barry Manilow. I mean LOVE. The very first vinyl album I ever bought was Barry Manilow, his song This Ones for You speaks to me. He wrote it for his Grandfather and I adored mine, it came out the year mine passed away. I believe Barry is brilliant, his songs have meaning and are catchy and fun and if slow will make you cry. So now you all know my dirty little secret, don’t judge.
I was late for work today, whether you are late by 2 minutes or 15 it all counts the same, so I think we all know what that means. STARBUCKS. Yes, since they open at 5 and I was already late I stopped; I got a triple venti caramel brulee. I am not sorry; in fact I am reveling in it.
Yesterday Jeffrey had laser surgery on his back, the doctor said it was successful and once the pain of the surgery itself is gone he should be pain free for ten to fifteen years. A true miracle, Jeffrey has had back pain since he was sixteen years old; he is twenty-five now. I am so grateful to all of you who prayed for him and his surgeon’s hands.
Next week is Thanksgiving, a time we reflect on what we are thankful for, I am thankful for my family, the one I was adopted into and for my birth one. Having just reconnected with my favorite cousin I am feeling much more connected than I have in the recent past. I didn’t know I felt disconnected until I was reconnected. I know that sounds strange, however, it is me, so no huge surprise there. I am thankful I have a daughter like Elizabeth who is thoughtful, caring, intelligent and caring. She also is my Jiminy Cricket these days; trust me when I tell you at times I need one.
Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a great day, go out and make it a Starbucks Day!

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