I was listening to the radio on the way in today, Christmas music, of course, and I’ll Be Home for Christmas came on. It reminded me of the first time I didn’t get to go home for Christmas. I was very pregnant with Elizabeth and my Doctor said no way. I was very upset as was my mom. At that time I was very into; don’t faint, cross stitching, so I made my mom a Christmas plaque that said All Hearts Go Home for Christmas. Corny, I know, but my mom said she displayed that and told everyone she knew my heart was there.
It’s true; all hearts go home for Christmas, but what happens when your home is no longer there? My childhood home is occupied by strangers; my mom and dad are both no longer on this earth, so where does my heart go now? Well, I will tell you, my heart stays here in Texas these days. I have my beautiful children and granddaughter that have my heart; I have a fiancée this year that occupies space as well. My heart and home are incredibly full for Christmas. I still miss going “home”, I miss my mom and dad, I miss the winter weather, but my Christmas now is amazing.
I can’t wait to get moved and get everything situated so I can decorate for Christmas. I will have a fireplace to hang the stockings, a huge kitchen in which to make sugar cookies and a perfect place for a tree. I am way excited. I love the lights, the sounds and the smells of Christmas, the music, the food, and the overwhelming desire to make other people happy. I love that feeling!
I miss you mom and dad, but I know without a doubt you are here with me in my heart, home for Christmas.

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  1. “If one could be home
    They’d be all ready there”
    -from “Old City Bar” by TSO

    Glad your mom and dad are home in your heart!

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