For years I didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, not in protest like Angelina Jolie, just because my children were with their dad every year, celebrating with his family. The first few times I did go to a different families celebration, it was awkward. I felt like a fool, people looked at me like I was a failure of a parent for allowing my children to go elsewhere for Thanksgiving. And if you are not part of that family it is awkward. I totally appreciate the invites I received over the years, but it was preferable to stay home in solitude where I received no strange looks, and I didn’t feel awkward. I finally just started telling everyone that I had plans, I was not specific, it didn’t matter those plans were by myself, in the solitary comfort of my own home. With a day long movie/television pajama day, replete with popcorn for my meal. They were my plans, they mattered to me, and no, I told no one what those plans were, as it would elicit the strange looks, awkward silences and finally end with the person feeling sorry for me, which would elicit more pity invitations.
Then I came to the subsidiary I work for now, I found I could work on Thanksgiving, what a glorious excuse that was! No one questioned that, no looks of pity, no awkward silences, pure genius.
I know what you are thinking, yes, I am going to Gladys’ house for Thanksgiving this year, after work, last year I went to Henry and Alicia’s house, I thoroughly enjoyed last year and look forward to enjoying this year.
I really thought about this and believe that I have pinpointed what is different about this invitation; these people have no family here either. I didn’t feel it was a pity invitation, there was no awkward looks or silences when I explained I was alone on Thanksgiving.

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