Arthur came to live with us in 1993, along with his brother Mickey, we almost didn’t get Arthur, but when we started to leave with Mickey they both started crying. They didn’t want to be separated; I could not leave him behind. So we took the both of them. What a great decision it was. Arthur was the best friend any of us could have had. He was Mr. Personality Plus, playful yet laid back, the very definition of a cool cat.
While Mickey was wild and out of control, Arthur was laid back and easily amused, he could hang with his brother, with humans or a big fluffy Wookie. At one point or another Arthur shared a bed with each of us, leaving behind his trademark calling card of grey fur. He was a purrer and a snuggler.
I have no doubt in my mind or heart that right now he is up in heaven along with Kiki hunting birds and waiting for us to come to him to pet him or give him a good hair brushing.

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