United Way…..

Yesterday was the end of our fundraising for out one time gift to United Way. My team raised $9076.00, our goal was $9,000.00. When I set that goal every single person on that team looked at me like I was crazy. But like Sandi always said, if your goal does not give you butterflies it is not big enough. So, off we went working like crazy people. I never doubted we would make it. I worked with some of the most dedicated people I have ever worked with. We worked thirteen hour days, on our feet selling, or cooking or doing both at the same time.
We did it, and then some. Many thanks goes to Gladys’ husband Don, without his generosity offering us a portion of each football jersey sold we would never have made it. Thank you Don! We all heart you!
We had some amazing raffle items, Gina never taking no for an answer, getting us gift certificates from new and exciting restaurants in the area, both Steve and Gina coming in on their off days to help us when their management team pulled them from the team for a two week period, you guys simply rock. Brent and Jose, well, our third year together was the best yet.
Kimmy I appreciate so much your willingness to do whatever we asked you to do on the days you were able to participate. Much love to you.
Gladys, I saved you for last because you are the best! You stepped out and used all of your kitchen gadgets and even got some new ones! You worked tirelessly even when you didn’t feel your best, without you, I know we could not have pulled this off. Whatever crazy idea I had, you were right there making sure it went off without a hitch.
To all the people who bought whatever we were selling, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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  1. Awwh!!! You are so sweet! I’m happy to be part of the team. We had a great team and we all worked together well! Kudos to you too for putting the team together and shooting for the stars, without you and your ambitious goal we couldn’t have done it. We all wanted to make you proud so we all worked hard to not disappoint you and we grabbed one of those stars you aimed for!

  2. OMG!! That is sooo good. We made it. I want to commend all of you! Some people don’t understand the work that goes into something like this, but being there with you guys I do. I think you, Jose, Gladys, Brent, and Steve are the best! Hats off to all of you. Im just glad I could be apart of it. Here’s to 10k$ next year!

  3. i have a towel thing with an A on it from troy aikmans house!!! i wonder how much you could get for that!!!! lol

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