The horrors of aging for this woman

I have a serious topic I would like to discuss today, actually discuss is a misleading word; I want to state my opinion. I know a lot of women might disagree with me and some will probably agree with me. I am finding in the media these days that strange things are being said regarding movie and television stars, even pop stars. This phenomenon of wanting women on the small and large screen to look like every day average women. Seriously??? No, this is not possible, when did this occur? I want my movie, television and pop stars to look better than me, I want them to be thin and youthful and beautiful. Who wants to look at themselves on the screen? I know I don’t. I want something to strive for, I want Jennifer Aniston arms, Brittney Spears abs and yes, Kim Kardashians behind. If I could afford it I would run to a plastic surgeon.
My biggest fear in life is having all of the wrinkles that my grandmother had, I remember looking at her, and I loved her beyond anyone, thinking I so do not want to have all of those wrinkles. I fight it every day. It is exhausting being me; I fight every wrinkle I work towards a skinniness that I cannot possibly attain. It makes me happy to do that. Let’s face it we have been trying to look like movie stars since the days of Clara Bow and Mary Pickford.
I think I looked my best at the age of 17, if I could look like that again I would in a heartbeat. I don’t understand how a loving God could have made the playing field so uneven in the sexes. When men get older they become distinguished, when women get older we are hags. I am fast approaching hag territory, I try and stave it off as much as I can, thank God for Mary Kay skin care products, I know I would not look half as good as I do without them. And I don’t think I look that good. I was at a bridal show with a friend and the plastic surgeon booth was all over her and ignored me. I figured it was due to me being beyond help. I still get depressed thinking about it. I am saving towards a major overhaul. I want to fight aging; I don’t want to go gracefully.

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  1. OKAY! My turn. *You are BEAUTIFUL! *You look exactly the way God intened you to look. *You absolutly do not need any work done. I understand completely how you feel about the changes of getting a little older (as I am the same age), however you are in no way anywhere near hag territory! WTH? Girl, the plastic surgeon didn’t look at you because YOU DONT NEED ANY WORK DONE! Crime in Italy! Here is the deal, your Grandmother got every one of those wrinkles from laughing at her kids, grandkids, loved ones….. and from crying at her favorite old movie, worring over her kids and life’s troubles….from being outside in the sun with her family and loving every minute of it… what that her face showed it. She lived and loved and that is what matters in life, not how many or few wrinkles we have when we die. I am not saying to just not care, and certainly I use my fair share of preventitive aging products but the bottom line is God made us who we are inside and out and it’s time we just accept it and be happy. My hope is to live long enough to have that many wrinkles and memories. Sorry girlfriend you got me on my soapbox, I love you just exactly the way you are and wouldnt change one thing! <3

  2. I don’t want to look the way God intended me to look, I believe this is why he invented plastic surgery. I am tired of being unattractive.

  3. mom your not a hag or approaching hag territory. your territory is with the nerds..not hags…lol oh and fashion..ooooo an undercover nerd!!! 🙂 i love you!!

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