I can’t talk about Sandi without talking about Daniel. Daniel is the son she shared with us, as we shared Jeffrey with their family. One day Daniel was telling a story about his mom, I don’t remember the exact content of the story but it ended with her going to the school and him being embarrassed. I was laughing, hard, and Daniel said, you don’t understand, my mom is a tiny little woman and I’m scared of her, that is just not right. I told Daniel he should have a little fear of his mom and then confessed we were all a little scared of her. I used the wrong terminology; we were all in awe of Sandi.
Sandi was fierce, fiercely loyal, and fierce in her belief in the women she had chosen to surround herself with, a fierce mother, wife, daughter and friend. She was there for me during so many bad times, sad times and happy times. She introduced me to a way of life that made my family’s life a little easier financially. Yes I do mean Mary Kay. More than that, she saw potential in me when I didn’t really see it myself. I will never forget all that she gave to me, old fashioned support and belief in me.
She did that for everyone around her, instilled a sense of belief that we could all reach for the moon and land among the stars. She let us all know that we were stars to her, that we were somebody’s. More than that she shared her son with me, Daniel and Jeffrey became best friends in kindergarten. They are now 25 years old. I love Daniel like a son, he is amazing and I am so grateful she shared him with us. More than that, when my own mother passed away, Sandi shared her mother with me. Now I am sharing my mother with her. I know my mom will greet Sandi and thank her for being such an amazing friend to her daughter.
I will miss my friend terribly, while I know intellectually she is in a better place (and yes she really is) it does not ease my sense of loss; there will never be another Sandi.
You fought a brave battle my friend, and in the end, you really did win. I’ll see you again, tell my mom I said hi and I know she will give you a hug from me.

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