One more thing I hate

There is one thing on this earth that I despise more than anything else. I despise when a human being looks at another and all they see is the color of that person’s skin. It is called racism, although I believe we need to come up with another word as racism is compiled of the word race. There are people on this earth who believe there are different races of human beings; I believe there is one race, the human race. There are different ethniticities, different religions, different hair color, skin color and eye color, but only one race.
When all of us stop looking at the color of a person’s skin and making that the determination with which to judge said person then we will be free of hatred. And I do mean all of us, it is not just white people who look at others like that and judge based on that criteria. You read about it in the papers, for example the judge who would not accept the plea bargain of a “white boy”; it was based on his skin color. I see it at work, people are judged for their skin color. When will this stop? I am telling you we have to raise the future generations better. They must be better than the past, until we can see past the superficial differences of our beings how can we accomplish anything as a whole?
I want to remind everyone that according to the Bible we all come from Adam and Eve, ALL of us, not some of us, ALL of us. Most religions teach that we come from a single point of origin, and if that is the case, I say knock it off. I for one do not want to read anymore about it, I don’t want to deal with it in the work place; I don’t want to see it on television. I want everything to be like Star Trek, where we have conquered this issue along with poverty and hunger.

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