Just Say No to Velcro

Sometimes I think I am too judgmental and others I believe I am just judgmental enough. Case in point, I firmly refuse to buy a seven year old child shoes with Velcro because they don’t know how to tie their shoes. I’m sorry, a seven year old? This child should have learned that skill at 4, 5 at the latest. So I bought tie shoes and taught said child how to tie their shoes. I judge the shoe manufacturers for making it too easy to ignore that age old ritual of teaching children to tie their shoes. Why would they manufacture the shoes for children that old with Velcro? I understand that this particular thing is a god send for adults with arthritis who can no longer tie their shoes due to an infirmity, however, children? Really?
I looked in the shoe store and saw all kinds of shoes with Velcro for older children and I am appalled. Unless these shoes are being bought for children with disabilities who cannot tie their shoes, I say to the parents everywhere of able bodied children, stop buying lazy shoes.
Is a generation of lazy children being raised? That is the real question, children who do nothing but sit and play video games, who cannot even tie their shoes? Have we really become a society of people who cannot even do something as simple as tie our own shoes?
Here is my proposal, we start a campaign, just say NO, say no to Velcro for able bodied people, say no to Velcro for children who are old enough to tie their shoes, say no to the manufacturers and eventually they will get the hint.
I will be deciding who to picket later and also will think about informational pamphlets and buttons, but until then please feel free to congregate amongst yourselves and form your own protest groups, unless we speak out about this travesty nothing will be done about it.

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  1. My oldest daughter turns 6 in less than a week and is only the second kid in her class of kindergarten to be able to tie her shoes … and she is typically developing. A seven-year-old with a fine motor delay, motor planning problem, or visual-motor integration issues could very well not be able to tie their shoes at age 7 no matter how hard one tries to teach them. These children don’t have disabilities or special needs, they just take a bit longer to learn some of these skills … and they aren’t lazy either, nor are their parents. Accepting kids for who they are – strengths and weaknesses – is the fastest way to make them self-reliant.

    /stepping off soapbox

  2. Are you going to protest Velcro on shoes the same time you protest Crocs, or are you going to space them out? You can manage to pretty much picket the entire kids shoe style choices if you plan this right.

  3. Oh I like that Idea…. I will protest them all… When I was in the children’s shoe store I noticed a lot of ugly shoes. When did the children’s shoe manufacturers decide to punish children??? This has to end! Pick up your picket sign now!

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