Judging Amy

Where are the Judging Amy DVD’s? That seems to be the question of the day, I really didn’t realize that show was not out on DVD until I began following Amy Brenneman on Twitter. I love her; she is just an amazing actress. I loved Judging Amy; it was a show, that when it went off of the air I actually cried, it was the perfect cast of actors for the perfect cast of characters. I actually started watching Private Practice because of Amy Brenneman, and how great is the casting on that show? Has anyone noticed how many former Judging Amy actors have shown up on that show? Total greatness. If they brought the DVD’s out of the Judging Amy show I would so totally put that on my Christmas wish list.
If I pass out a petition I expect all of my friends to sign it.
I know I have been lax in updating everyone lately on the ordinariness that is my life, but I have been completely immersed in United Way happenings. I have added a fourth building in my fund raising efforts and am impossibly swamped, but I love it. It is such a worthy charity. I love that all of the money raised will stay in the community, we are helping our neighbors, family, friends, you just never know who will need an agency funded by United Way.
I am off to get dressed now for a breakfast sale! Wish us luck!

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