A Cell Phone Free Afternoon

Yesterday I took a walk with Tessa and Chewie, a statement not remarkable in itself. I left my cell phone at home, and off we went on our adventure. It felt good to not be distracted by a beep, a ding or vibration, to not be distracted by facebook, twitter, text messages, email or an old fashioned phone call. It was just a Gigi, a girl and a dog, out enjoying the amazing fall like weather. I am going to do that more often; it was as if pressure had been relieved, pressure of my own making. Let’s not forget that, when we talk about how we are easily distracted in today’s society by so many electronic gadgets and so many social Medias it is of our own making. How easy was it to just leave the Iphone at home, not carry a miniature computer around with me while I enjoyed the afternoon with Tessa and the Wookie. I suggest everyone try it, especially if you have children or grandchildren, just leave it at home.
Do we really have to be so connected 24 hours a day? Shouldn’t we just shed the modern trappings once in a while? I admit it is hard for me, I have fully admitted an addiction to social Medias such as facebook and twitter, and it is so easy to lose myself in a round of words with friends, not to mention the multitude of other games I play on my Iphone. I am one of the worst offenders of never being without it. However yesterday I made the decision to just go on a simple walk, to not be distracted, and it was amazing. I feel as if I have rediscovered a sense of innocence, of the ability to pay total attention to the world around me. The physical world, not the virtual one.
Another up note, OU Sooners beat UT, go OU! I don’t watch football but I follow OU, love them. Congratulations to the Sooners.
It is going to be another gorgeous day here in North Texas, I hope everyone enjoys it!

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