Three Cheers for Friday!

I am exhausted; it has been a long week, the weather, the news reports, plus first time to have the Irishman’s children for an extended period of time, just tired. Please do not read any more into that than there is. They are good kids, but as anyone knows when you have not been around young children for a long time you forget how diligent you have to be, and how much work is involved in just the everyday things, like meals and laundry.
I hope it rains this weekend, I love the rain and would love for it to rain when I am able to stay home and enjoy it. Monday is our first food sale, Nachos, I hope everyone loves them and buys them!
Sunday is a huge announcement on one of our raffles; I hope everyone will be as excited as I am!
I had Starbucks yesterday so may not have it today, as I have already had it twice this week. Sssssssshhhh don’t tell on me!

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