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Lots of season premiers last night, How I met Your Mother (greatness), Lonestar (love it!), Castle (awesome as usual!) and Hawaii Five 0. Love love love love love that one! They kept the theme music! They updated it, while keeping the integrity of the theme music, God bless them!
Everyone should check out this new show, it is updated, revamped, and the actors are greatness, yes a little formulaic, and the plot predictable, but what a ride! James Marsters as their first guest star, genius! That is what sucked me in, and I stayed. And will be staying for weeks to come.
Thursday is the huge season premier night, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and The Office, be still my heart!
So I had a conversation yesterday regarding Dancing With the Stars, let me just say, I don’t care for this show, not just this one, I don’t like American Idol, or that one about Racing around the world, or Survivor, or any unscripted show, I believe this takes work away from amazing actors and writers. Also how did this become an Emmy category? Really? It takes no talent to do these shows, NONE, there is no writing, no acting, what producing? Seriously, the hosts have a category in the EMMY’s???? Stop the madness, go back to great television, Bones, House, Fringe, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, How I Met Your Mother, just to name a few, these are Emmy worthy television programs. What’s next? A camera set up in every household so we can watch people doing mundane things like washing dishes? Will that be the next Emmy category?

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