Sunday Happenings

Yesterday was grocery shopping day and laundry day. I hate both of those activities. I seriously despise grocery shopping. As much as I love shopping for everything else, I wish I had someone else to do my grocery shopping. Oh I know what you are thinking, send the Irishman. Well if I did that I would end up with nothing but Coke, meat and chips. Not exactly the four food groups. There is four right? Or is there more now. I can never keep up.
I have decided to develop my own diet, I figure since everyone else has one on the market I might as well get in on it. I have decided the caffeine diet is the way to go, with the possibility of cake added in. if you drink nothing but caffeine think of all of the energy you will have all day long! You will not be able to sit still; hence major weight loss will be incurred. At least I hope that is the case, I will keep you all updated. Friday was a bust diet wise, I had to have Taco Bueno for dinner, and it was calling my name. I love, love, love the mucho beef nachos with extra shredded cheese and guacamole, it calls to me, says my name. I succumbed. I feel no shame.
Today I will be assisting Gladys in the making of breakfast taco’s, or breakfast burritos as she calls them, I don’t care what they are called as long as they sell. So tomorrow morning starting at 5:30 a.m. in Richardson they will be for sale. Remember all proceeds go to United Way.
So, this past week was a rough one, I have a feeling this next week is going to be just as rough. Person took their medication and it had an adverse effect. Said person did not call the doctor on Friday to tell them of this reaction, just stopped medication. Have had a serious talk with mystery person and they have promised to call first thing Monday morning to get new meds. I am completely knackered, am hopping next weekend will bring about much needed sleep.

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