The other day Elizabeth sent me an email about The Suffragette movement, well about a particular incident that happened November 5, 1917, I knew the story, however, have not thought of it in a long time.
Just a reminder, women have only had the right to vote for 90 years of our country’s existence, and even after that women took little advantage of it. Women were tortured, beaten, brutalized and killed in the fight for our right to vote. For our rights period, as women, no matter what your ethnic background, you have an obligation to honor these women who went before you.
We must remember our sisters who went before us, what they gave up for what many consider an inconvenience, yes an inconvenience. I am too busy, why don’t they make voting easier, really? Easier than going to a school or church or library to tell your country who you want in office? Or what you want your hard earned tax money spent on? What messages are we sending our daughters? Every woman has an obligation to go to that voting booth and honor our ancestors who, in some instances died for us to have this right.
Until recent history women were considered property, chattel to be traded off for alliances or better land, or even money. Women had no say in the upbringing of their own children, in some countries this is still going on. But our American ancestors fought for us not to have to know what it is to have our children ripped from our arms, or to have to “take” whatever our husbands felt like meting out. Women were treated as children, to be punished if we stepped out of line, Suffragettes wanted to change all of that. And they did. So let’s honor them and their fight, get up, get out of your mini vans and your Volvos and go vote. Make your voice heard, honor the women who came before you, fought for you, died for you.

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