Productive or not Productive that is the question

I sit here pondering the questions of the universe; not really, I sit here enjoying this amazing fall morning. Here in North Texas we finally have relief from the heat and I am completely over the top about it. I hate the heat, love the cold, want snow more than anything. Are you listening Joe Kovak? He is my snow provider just in case you were wondering.
Chewie is frisky due to the weather, he wants out every 5 minutes, I finally just left the door open for him to go in and out by himself, he looked at me like I had just popped his favorite red balloon. I do believe part of the fun for him is me getting up and down to let him in and out.
So yesterday the Irishman and I did the most adult thing we have done to date, we opened a joint checking acct to pay the bills. We each have directed a certain amount every payday into the acct and that will pay the bills, then we have our own personal accts for our personal things. This way he never has to know how much I really spend on shoes, and I never have to know how much he spends on Guinness. Perfect arrangement if you ask me.
The Friday spaghetti sale was a huge hit, Gladys made the most wonderful vegetarian spaghetti and chicken spaghetti, and I am going to get the recipe for both as they were both amazing! In the words of her and Don’s daughter Sam, Tummy Yummy!
Yesterday was spent doing errands and laundry and watching everything I have dvr’d and have not had time to watch, then on to streaming Netflix to watch a little Dean Cain and then, O.M.G. A Streetcar Named Desire was on TCM. I love that movie, I love Vivien Leigh, she is just amazing, and I wanted to name Elizabeth Vivien Leigh that is how much I love her. If you want to see a great movie watch Fire over England, she is just fantastic in that.
Well kiddoes I don’t have a lot more today, I will be finishing laundry and doing little things around here, the Irishman works on Sunday so it is just me and the pups hanging out! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH maybe Taco Bueno……

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