Nacho Sale Monday!

This past weekend was actually very productive for me. I got to spend time not only with Tessa but with my daughter-in-law, it was a great time. Tessa is so funny, I know what you are thinking, great, another bragging grandmother, or in my case Gigi, but you are incorrect. She is amazingly funny. Friday night she was climbing into bed when the Wookie looked in the doorway at her, she points and yells “monster!” as loud as she can, then she bursts out laughing. She was cracking herself up.
Saturday was spent cleaning up after the hurricane that is Tessa. Then Sunday was off to do doggy shopping, grocery shopping and making gift baskets to raffle. Oh yes, and let’s not forget making the taco meat for our first food sale that is today! It was a very busy Sunday.
I recorded the VMA’s to watch later, I don’t really like commercials. I did see the season finale of True Blood and Entourage, and also watched Mad Men. All excellent shows, however, I do wonder how Vinnie Chase is going to dig himself out of this one.
Don’t forget to come by and get your nachos and buy your raffle tickets for our amazing items!

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