Manners, a thing of the past?

Nancy Regan it, that is my motto. Does anyone remember her just say no campaign in the 1980’s? I do, it was awesome, and she was everywhere, even on Different Strokes. She was an incredibly classy lady that is not a word I use lightly. Well two words, classy and lady. I have known very few ladies in my lifetime; Webster’s defines lady as a woman of refinement and gentle manners, that was Nancy Regan and that was my great aunt Effie,  my mother and more recently Almetta. In my life I have known very few women who fit that definition, me included. So it begs the question, where did all of the ladies go? When did we lose our refinement and gentle manners?
From what I have seen the generation coming up has never been taught manners, children are asking inappropriate questions, eating with their mouths open and talking with their mouths full of food! Where are the parents who enforce good manners and why are children not being taught said manners? I see it in young adults as well, typically with 20 something males, not my son of course, he was taught manners from the time he could walk and talk. I have never seen him talk with his mouth full. But at work, I see a lot of young men who have absolutely no concept of good manners; they belch and expel gas then laugh about it. This is not a good thing people, not only is it in incredibly bad taste it is unprofessional. I once had a manager who actually had to address the issue in a; team meeting. Seriously, these people should have been taught at home not to do these things.
So if you are the parent of a young child out there, please understand that one day you will unleash these beings into the world, we expect them to behave, so teach them accordingly.
I had the good fortune of being taught manners not only at home but at school, in Owasso, in 8h grade English class, I wish I could remember this teachers name, she taught etiquette, she said you never knew where you were going to end up, you could be having dinner at the White House one day and she expected each and every one of us to know how to behave. Greatness. Where are the great teachers? Where are the parents that teach their children how to behave in any social situation? Have parents become lazy? Or are they too overwhelmed to care about good manners?

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