Jimmy Carter

Soapbox, check; indignation, check; full on rant, about to begin.
Today’s subject is Jimmy Carter, yes you read correctly Jimmy Carter, our 39th President of the United States of America. I was a child of a certain age when former President Carter took office, young enough not to be able to vote, old enough to listen to political dinner conversation in my house. In my home no one ever referred to President Carter as an ignorant peanut farmer, I didn’t hear that until after he left office. My parents were not huge fans of President Carter; they felt him ineffectual as a president, however, my dad used to say that he was impressed by his intelligence.
I myself believe that Jimmy Carter was not a good president, however, I do believe he is a great man and has done more for humanity outside the political arena than any other president we have ever had. He is also an amazing historian; I highly recommend any of his books on the Revolutionary War. His point of view is from the Southern states, we tend to forget there were other states that fought for our freedom, more is focused on Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, and people forget that the Carolinas were formed as was Georgia. Please, run out and buy Jimmy Carter’s book The Hornet’s Nest, it is about the Green Mountain Boys, it is a fictional work but an amazing account of the Revolutionary War.
I do think he gets a bum rap, he is a great example of how a Christian man should live his life, with honor and dignity and an ability to admit to failings and also exhibiting great family loyalty.
When I heard someone call him a stupid peanut farmer from Georgia for the first time, I remember asking them since when did farmer and stupid become synonymous? I come from a long line of farming people and none of them were stupid, my dad grew up on a farm and went on to become an airplane inspector for McDonald Douglas, however, his main love was the land and farming, growing things. Why did people see this as a bad thing? Why was he put down for this? If you will take note it was the “enlightened” people who did the putting down. I am so very tired of “country” people taking a bad rap. I want everyone to really think about what former President Carter has managed to achieve since he left office, Habitat for Humanity, peace missions abroad, a highly successful marriage and children who have managed to keep themselves out of the gossip columns.
I highly recommend you include some of his books on your reading list, I myself will be adding more of them. My next one will be A Government as Good as its People.

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