Huge Announcement!

It is Sunday September 12, 2010; it is the first game of the real season for the Dallas Cowboys. I know what you are wondering, why on earth is she writing about sports. Well I am and I’m not. I am really writing about Don; Don donated a Cowboy’s Jersey, Christmas Stocking and Santa Hat for our United Way raffles. I am very excited about this, first off, this was Gladys’ first donation item and no it doesn’t matter that Don is her husband; he did not have to be this generous. Secondly this is Dallas, so we have a ton of Dallas fans out there and I know they will want to win this incredible offering. Ticket prices will be the same one ticket for $1.00 or 6 tickets for $5.00. We will be drawing for this amazing item on October 22, 2010. So buy early and buy often and buy tons of tickets!
Don has a business selling professional sports team jersey’s so if you have a need or want for one please give me your email or if Don posts a comment and leaves his email you can contact him directly. Let’s support his business as well as he has supported United Way!

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