Cooking Day

Today is red sauce making day, the apartment smells of garlic and onion and bay leafs. Perfection. It is now simmering; I have been at it since 6:00 a.m. It is for tomorrow’s spaghetti sale. Gladys is making chicken spaghetti and I am doing the traditional Italian one. Oh and Gladys is preparing the vegetarian one as well. Mine has meat in it.
I don’t think people realize the work that goes into making the sauce, it is a lot of sautéing and chopping and peeling and crying (over onions) and simmering. But oh so worth it, unless you are Elizabeth Anne who hates Italian food, then it is a waste of time.
I am now ready for a nap! What is everyone else doing today? Is anyone coming out to Richardson to purchase this feast Gladys and I are working on? I hope so!
I am knowing great frustration at this time and moment, not with the Irishman or with Jeffrey or with Elizabeth or with Stacy. It is frustrating to finally think you are making progress and things go backwards. I know as a parent we have all felt this way at times, it just seems this time knows no end. I am totally ready for a vacation, preferably in the mountains or the beach, I will take either.
On an up note, my friend Linda is moving back to Texas, I am way excited about that, it has been years since we have even been in contact, thank you Facebook! And it has been longer than that since we have seen each other! She is an amazing woman, just a force of nature (in a good way, not a tropical storm way) I can’t wait to see her again! We used to live behind each other (Plano has alleys) and every day we would watch All My Children together, well, not physically, on the phone, it was a hoot.
On that note peeps must go stir the pot, literally not figuratively.

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  1. I agree completly with The Irishman. It’s almost as bad as not liking Mexican food. I can understand not liking the “Italian” food they serve at restaurants because it’s totally fake, but who doesn’t love a good spaghetti??

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