Big Happenings

Since when did we coin the phrase “my man” I hate that phrase. I have a fiancé, I never ever say the words “my man”, and to me it just sounds needy. I am appalled when I hear that particular phrase; I hear it more and more and would like an end to it please.
I believe we should all be independent creatures, one that can be alone, and not depend on anyone for our happiness, entertainment or anything else. Well except if they live with you, then half the bills, half the rent, half of the house cleaning and half of the groceries and so on and so forth.
Did anyone happen to catch the reunion show of The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Turns out Danny is a real actor, however he really did go to prison on racketeering charges. He bragged during an interview that he knew real mob bosses and hung out with them, so the Feds saw that and started investigating him. Off to prison for him, for three years. I have no doubt he was playing a part on the show, however I have no doubt he is a stupidly dangerous man as well.
I cannot work myself up into a rant today; I am too worn out and have a long day ahead of me. The Irishman and I made a decision a couple of weeks ago, as I have stated here his schedule has changed to something horrendous and we had a huge discussion about it. The only way to truly make it work so we could spend time together was to merge households. So he moved in yesterday. Yes, I am living in sin. When I spoke to my son Jeffrey about the decision he said Mom your generation invented that, he went on to give me his approval. I would not have done this without their approval.
So that is my big news. What does everyone else have?

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  1. While I applaud and emulate your desire for Independence, once again we are faced with the fact that vast majority of humans are not like you. The sad fact is that too many people do not want that.
    And you did not call me to help you move WHY?

  2. I agree with Elizabeth, it is a stupid phrase.
    I also do agree with you Angie on your topic of “my man” it is very needy and very childish. That’s something that is frequently used in High School by high school kids and shouldn’t be used by a grown woman. The sad thing is that we are hearing it being used more and more by adult woman and all it does is portray vulnerability and shows just how insecure the woman is.

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