Being Angie

There is so much on my mind it is hard to choose one topic. I think I’ll go with the following. I have been seeing on Facebook (we all know this is a great knowledge base) “My Kids are my World”. That small phrase really made me think. While yes, if you have children they should be your main priority, however, and there is a however, should they be your whole world?
When I had Michael someone gave me the advice of “don’t lose Angie”, I really didn’t understand at the time what that meant. As I grew up and grew older and hopefully wiser I came to understand what that meant. It is so easy to lose yourself in your children and your husband and the world you are creating; however there is still you to consider. Your interests and likes and dislikes, it is ok to be a little self-indulgent and retain your own hobbies, as long as they do not become your universe.
I like reading, scratch that, I love reading, I read more than the average person, if it were up to me I would do nothing all day long but read book after book after book. Of course when I became a mother this became something that went on the backburner of life. Then as things settled down, nap times became regular and bedtimes became stabilized, I realized I could get in some much needed me time with my favorite things, books.
You should never lose the essence of who you are, I will fully admit I lost Angie for a while, not because of being a mother, but because I was married to someone who wanted to suppress the things that made me well me. It took a long time after the divorce to get back to being Angie.
I like who I am today, I like being opinionated, bossy, well read, articulate and well let’s face it darn cute. I take pride in my ability to read over a thousand words a minute and being able to type ninety-five words a minute. I also like that I can adapt to almost any situation, it is a talent, maybe a gift, and I get those two confused. Maybe the reading and typing are talents and my personality quirks are gifts. Interesting, perhaps I shall let you all decide.

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