Another Day Another Donation

Another day is upon us, another day to go get stuff donated for United Way! Yippeee! I am very excited about this year, I know without a doubt you all are going to get tired of me writing about it; however it is such an amazing organization. It helps the communities that are all around us, if you have ever been a part of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts or joined a YMCA or been a part of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters programs you have partaken in a United Way funded program.
We have already gotten amazing donations for us to raffle off which I will be unveiling next week, I hope all of my readers buy a raffle ticket for at least one item that we have available.
I keep having strange dreams, the other night I dreamed that I was asleep and that my cell phone kept calling random people. When I woke up for real, I found that it had indeed called someone; at 4 am our time, 2 am the callee’s time. Luckily she takes sleeping pills and never heard the phone go off. She called later in the day very concerned that I had tried to call her at such an odd hour. When I explained what happened with my phone we both had a good chuckle over it.
But it has me thinking, remember when I had the dream about Chewie running away in the city, in the rain, when we were on vacation? Is that going to come true? Will I be vacationing in New York City with the dogs? If so, why??? And if there is anyone else who could accompany us, to help wrangle the Wookie of course, please volunteer. You will of course have to pay your own way; I’m not made of money ya know

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  1. Ok, must I remind you of my crazy dreams in High School…ordering hamburgers and pointing out trucks! LOL Great shopping in NY anyway if you do end up there and you can always take me to help with the Wookie!

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