A Good Day Indeed!

Today a friend retires at work, I am so beyond jealous, in a good way. I so would love to be able to retire, quit, just stop going. In all seriousness this man so deserves to be able to retire, he is just a great guy. Genuine, funny, kind and always a pleasure to work with, I am going to miss seeing him and sitting by him. I hope he enjoys his retirement immensely!
They are having a retirement gathering today at the office, the best part, there will be cake! So can continue with cake and caffeine diet. Yay me! Do cookies count as cake? What about sour straws? I am counting them as cake as they have sugar in them. Don’t tell me if they don’t count, 90% of a diet is mental.
I am a member of the Disney movie club, along with this membership you can collect points, well I collected enough points to select a prize. I chose a movie, The Fighting Prince of Donegal; I chose this because that is the region of Ireland the Irishman is from so I thought he would enjoy it. He would not stop looking at his laptop long enough to watch it with me. Although he kept saying when I take you to Ireland I’ll show you the real Hugh O’Donnell castle. So he is familiar with the story but he was not interested in my Disney movie. Huge disappointment. However I will be watching it all the way through on Saturday.
Well folks as I woke up tired this morning that is all I have. I hope everyone has a great day! Oh and before I forget, Go Big Red, Go Big White, go red go white, fight, fight, fight! Boomer Sooner!

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