Wednesdays Thoughts

So last night before I am getting ready to go to bed I check my bank account, there are two charges there that I did not authorize. I immediately hang up on my friend Mary and call the bank, I canceled the bank card and will have to call today to dispute those charges and get the money put back into my account. Seriously these people charged things like yahoo mail and This is the best you could come up with thieves? And how did they get my card number? I feel so very violated.
I wish these people who do things like this would get sent to the pits of Tartarus, the Titans would make short work of them. Who does this? Who sits around and comes up with ideas just to steal other people’s identities and money? They should be punished severely.
It is Wednesday, only two more days of waking up then I can sleep in for two days, woohoo!
Just thought I would throw that in there. The Irishman’s work group had a shift bid; his new hours are going to be 1:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Friday through Monday. We will never see each other with that schedule; we are going to have to have a serious conversation as to what we are going to do. It is hard for him as he is the lowest in seniority and has to take whatever is left. I admit it is hard on our relationship. I guess this is a test; I hate real life tests, love school type tests. Oh well, whatcha gonna do.
Happy Wednesday peeps!

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