The Greatness that is Joss Whedon

I am officially annoyed. I read an article today that talked about the vampire craze going on in society right now. It listed the CW as being the groundbreaker for the teen influence with The Vampire Diaries. SERIOUSLY! Before the CW was the CW it was the WB there was Joss Whedon, who gave us Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her broody vampire boyfriend Angel. This show defined teen angst and the vampire mythology. Why is he not being celebrated in proper form? That is the question of the day.
The show was total greatness, it had all of the characters you expect to see in high school, the nerdy smart girl (Willow), the nerdy not so book smart guy (Xander) the totally snobby “mean” girl (me, I mean Cordelia) and the new transfer student who didn’t really fit in (Buffy) who ends up saving the whole student body on a weekly basis. This show appealed to more than just teenagers. As an adult the appeal for me was seeing a girl empowered every week, she was the hero, she had the brute strength, didn’t need to be rescued, she did the rescuing, she had no desire to be turned, had a killer vamp boyfriend that she kept in check. The gang she had surrounding her had their own abilities that they discovered along the way. The characters evolved, grew, yet kept their core personalities intact.
I totally fail to understand how the greatness of Joss Whedons’ creation continues to be overlooked in the annals of television history. His characters were flawed and driven and at times evil, at times conflicted by their desire to do good. Now that was new, conflicted by their desire to do good. That was Spike, even when his soul was returned he was still conflicted, he knew he was supposed to be evil, but here he was with a soul, driven to do good. Don’t get me wrong, Spike retained his innate ability to break every situation down to a sarcastic sound bite, let’s face it, Spike was quotable, almost as quotable as Cordelia Chase.
In Cordelia Chase Joss created a character that said exactly what she was thinking at every moment, we all secretly want to do that in real life. She did what we wanted to do, she was what we wanted to be, the person who realizes she is not a sheep and she will do what she wants, wear what she wants and date who she wants. No matter the price she paid for it. Cordelia Chase is the most amazing female character brought to life on television. I miss her.
Joss writes amazing women characters, I don’t know his personal history, but I have to wonder, why don’t women write women this way? In Twilight the girl is not strong, when her boyfriend leaves her she falls apart and tries to kill herself. Really? We want young girls immolating that behavior? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the books, but I am not an impressionable 14 year old girl.
Joss continued to write strong female roles in Angel, Cordelia moved there, and then there was Lila, who did not revel in her evilness! Fred was brought in along with Faith making an appearance, all strong female characters. He moved on to Firefly; once again, creating very strong female roles and breaking the rules in the form of the little lady did not, in fact need rescuing. Dollhouse brought it all home. I am having a hard time understanding why the networks have such a hard time with Joss and his vision, I believe he should be on cable, like SyFy, FX or a premium channel like Showtime where they foster the different and give shows a chance to grow.
Here is hoping Joss’ Avenger movie totally rocks and is a huge financial success, I really hope he comes back to television, soon. I miss real vampires and I miss strong female characters.

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    Now, where did you read this article? I would suggest that is probably someplace not known for their depth of journalism. Buffy was, like… so 5 years ago. Nevermind there continues to be a thriving online community that still supports the show.
    The greatness that is Joss is not debatable. The greatness that is entertainment journalism is.
    And since half of what you said was were my ideas to begin with, I will not bother commenting on them! 🙂

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