TGIF!! It has been the longest, hottest, most horrific week at work in a long time. These people are trying to break my spirit; however, I believe they have severely underestimated their target.
There was no new shoe Wednesday; I just wasn’t in the mood. I promise I will be back to normal next week. I did have a good Mary Kay week, which in reality is all that matters. I love that business; it will always bring my spirits up. I am planning something special for September, so be on the lookout for it. Yesterday was the last day for voting on the new contract, I hope everyone voted no. it is a bad, bad deal for employees here at this major communications corporation. It seems they resent us, the ones doing the actual work that make them all of the money that they are able to take home. They want to take more and more from us. I seriously do not understand it. Whatever happened to the mentality that you take care of your workforce and they will work harder for you. That has escaped the CEO of this company. Of course he did not come up through the ranks so perhaps he does not understand what it actually means to work for your paycheck.
Enough about that, I get to see Elizabeth and Jeffrey today, so it is a good day, an exceptional day. Then later this evening I will be seeing Alex, so, an amazing day really.
I hope everyone has a great, no, an amazing Friday, and a great weekend!

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