Tammi Day!

I downloaded a new app, this one is about Greek Gods and Goddesses, and it has a series of quizzes regarding Greek Mythology. I have aced every one of them; I think this app was made for a 5 year old. I thought it would be more of a challenge. Oh well, at least it was a free one!
I officially proclaim today Tammi Day! We all know my proclamations are made into national law in Angie World so let the celebrations begin in honor of Tammi. She and I first met when I moved to Owasso, the summer before eighth grade. I was a city girl out of my element, stuck out in the country, she had moved there the year before from Tulsa, so she was the same. A city girl out of her element, it was instant bonding. We had so much in common, a love of clothes, shoes, music, makeup, tanning and soap operas. Since that initial meeting so much life has happened, she is still my best friend. She is the one person on earth that knows every single thing there is to know about me and still loves me. She is more like my sister than friend. Through thick and thin there she is, no matter how much time passes where we don’t speak when we do again it is like no time has passed.
Let me tell you about this amazing woman, she has a huge heart, she opens it up and loves with everything she has, she isn’t like me, I am very much more cautious than she. She listens, doesn’t judge, and is warm and giving and generous. It doesn’t hurt that she is a former Mrs. Oklahoma and is still amazingly gorgeous, color me green.
So my friend, I lift my Starbucks cup to you and offer this toast, to health, love and life, may you have lengthy bouts of each!

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  1. Well, you have done it… made me tear up. You mean so much to me and it is true we will always be best friends and always be there for each other. I could not have made it out there in the boonies without you and your family, you were a God send to my life. I miss you terribly but am so thankful to be able to communicate with you in this wonderful thing called technology! God bless you Angie! I mean that because you are an amazing woman, mother and friend. Love to you and your family always!

  2. Did you mean to say Greek? Not greed?? Lol spell check! Never thought your daughter would have told you that huh mom lol

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