Sunday’s Thoughts

It is Sunday morning and here I sit waiting for Tessa to awaken. We had a huge day and night yesterday. First I picked her up from her Great-Grandmothers house, and then it was off to Target for a round of shopping. She ran straight for the $1 aisle, a girl after my own heart, she promptly picked out plastic dinosaurs and a puppy. Then it was popcorn and icee and a new outfit!
Oh and the movie! I found the Care Bears movie; we promptly came home and had popcorn, whoppers and the movie. She loved it; in fact we had to watch it twice. Then it was off for an evening of playing with my friend Gladys’ daughter Sam. Those two played like they had never seen another child before!
They kept me hopping, we had to go up and down the stairs about a hundred times, I really should go over there with the girls and do that about three times a week! Those girls had the best time; they would just squeal with laughter for no apparent reason, well at least to my adult eyes, I am sure their toddler humor was in full effect.
They are both for all intents and purposes only children (Sam has siblings, they are adults and do not live in the home, much like I was raised) so I think that is why they got along so famously, perhaps they are kindred spirits.
Tess fell asleep in the car on the way home and is still zonked out. I am wide awake and contemplating being productive. I am not sure how that is going to work out for me.
Will be seeing The Irishman today, we have decisions to make, he got a really bad schedule at work, I believe I have spoken about that before here. So we need to figure out how we are going to carve out time for us in there.
Not much of interest today, sorry about the rambling, however, I can’t be on a soap box every day!

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  1. Yay!!! Sam made it to AngieWorld!!! She loved playing with Tessa, she’s still talking about her playdate.
    I hope you and Irishman come up with a creative way to be able to fit quality time for you both 🙂

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