Pure Laziness

I am pure old fashioned lazy today. I woke up mad at the Wookie, I had a dream where he ran away in the rain and it made every dog look alike so I was stopping every dog I could find and they were not him! I finally found him and he jumped in the car, soaking wet, and I gave him a good talking to! Then I woke up and he was right there happy as a clam, so I told him not to scare me in my dreams like that again!
I am still trying to wake up from taking two tylenol pm’s last night, oh wow, that could explain the strange dream! Drug induced! Good grief, now I can’t be mad at Chewie, I have to be mad at me!
Call from Elizabeth this morning, she said Arthur’s eyes look better, not sunken in, which means he is hydrating, so very much yay!
I plan on being lazy today, maybe a little laundry and maybe some self-tanner, my legs are way white!

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  1. You KNOW that if you told Chewie your dream, he would think, “Now THERE is a darned good idea… next time it rains I am OUTTA HERE!”

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