Very few things in this world make sense to me in this world. It seems that the world at large is going crazy and not in a good way. One thing that does make sense to me is Dean Cain as Clark Kent. I watched the first episode of season one Sunday afternoon. I still say he is the prettiest man on the entire planet.
The show’s appeal was just not Mr. Cain; it was perfect casting of every single character, Lane Davies as Perry White, pure brilliance. Terri Hatcher still remains one of the best Lois Lane’s in a long time. I think it still has appeal. It is a story that is never ending; I really hope they make another Superman movie.
When I was young I wanted to be an intrepid girl reporter, I wanted to be Lois Lane, she was so brave, so smart, and so capable. She was who I wanted to be. Now I am just me, nothing special, not that interesting, I mostly live inside my head, which at times can be a scary place.
I didn’t do a lot this weekend, I spent time with Alex, took Arthur to the vet Friday afternoon, got my car fixed then as well, got to see Jeffrey, Elizabeth, Freddy and Alex after I got home. Alex came over Saturday as well.
I made Chewie mad at me again on Sunday, I trimmed his old man nails and brushed him down really well, boy was he not happy with his grooming session! He looked at me like, you are the only human here, do I really have to look good for you? But I prevailed and he is groomed and looking handsome.

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