More Monday Posts

So last week was really tough on me, Monday was Michael’s birthday, he would have been 26, Wednesday was the anniversary of my mom’s passing, it has been seven years. Friday I took Arthur, our cat we have had since 1993 to the vet, he is down to seven pounds. Good news is his kidney function is great, his liver function was high, and he was dehydrated and had lost a lot of weight. The vet put him on a special diet with electrolytes; Elizabeth has been feeding him every hour this past weekend and at last update he is doing very very well. She said that he now expects to be fed every hour and goes straight to his bowl to let her know that the hour is at hand. Very good sign indeed.
I still miss Michael and I still miss my mom, I guess those feelings will never go away. Add on top of that I am very much persecuted at work; it was a very tough week. I really don’t talk about it; I don’t like to burden my friends with my darkly emotional demons. I think this week will be better, I don’t know though; it is not starting off too well. I still feel emotionally raw due to other things going on in my life. Like I said I really try not to burden anyone with the bad things, I know everyone expects me to always be up and the life of the party so I totally like to deliver what people expect.
So, for the masses, I will be happy, positive and up, when I go home I’ll unburden to the dogs, they are great listeners and they never seem to let my emotions affect them. So a win for everyone!

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