Just Another Brick in the Wall?

The other day, while on my way home from work, Pink Floyd’s The Wall was playing on the radio. This song brings back so many memories and latent emotions. When I was in high school and I listened to it, it represented education, which the song says, “we don’t need no education”, but this time it was the “just another brick in the wall” that got me.
Is that what I am? Have I become just another brick in the wall? In the machine that is corporate America? Have I lost my individuality? And if so when did that happen? I thought about this for days, and while yes, there are times through out the day where I do have to blend and become a brick in the wall that is corporate America, there are days I can paint myself lime green and stand out.
I do this in my thought process, my fashion sense and my innate ability to make every situation about myself. So totally kidding on the last part of that sentence, however the rest of it, yes, I believe we can keep our individuality and still be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves.
So this is what I say to you, foster your individuality, keep your sense of self, fly your freak flag high and proud! Let everyone see that although you work in the corporate world you have individualistic thoughts and a keen fashion sense, wear your designer shoes proudly. Let your voice be heard, your thoughts are worthy of hearing, well not all of you, but most of you, if the thoughts are too way out there save them for Facebook status updates or 140 character tweets.
I refuse to become another brick in the wall, I will eat my pudding when I haven’t had any meat, and I will continue to voice my individual voice while working for a major telecommunications corporation. I will continue to be an individual part of a whole.

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  1. Preach on my sistah. I refuse to be another brick in the wall too. I am a unique individual and Dang it my individuality will shine! lol

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