Jess Day!

Yesterday was a good day for some and a not so good day for others. Today is an ode to Jess, my male best friend, yes; I have a straight male as a best friend. I do realize I have quite a few best friends and you are all my best friends; please do not be offended that today is Jess’ day for recognition.
Jess is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met; he definitely keeps me on my toes intellect wise. He is funny, wicked smart, good looking and great company. I know it sounds like I am advertising for him, ok, here is the deal, if you are interested in Jess you have to go through his sister Amy and me, and we get final approval for all future involvements.
Jess and I first met when I was a clerk and he was a first line manager at the major telecommunications company we both work for. I believe it was instant friendship karma, we found we not only shared a love of television shows (Buffy and Friends) but we were both Orchestra geeks and science fiction nerds. I felt like he was the little brother I begged my parents for and never received. This is odd because in my head I am younger than Jess.
Jess is someone that I not only like, but have deep respect for, someone that only deserves the best in life. So Jess I proclaim this week Jess week, it is your birthday week, I hope it gets better for you from this point forward!

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