Happy Dance Day!

Have you ever worn a dress to work, then when you get to work, look down and realize that maybe, just maybe you should have shaved your legs that morning? Just sayin… Don’t come check and see if that is the actual case with me….
After a week of total disregard, I am back on my regular eating habits, man; I can feel that I have not been healthy! I am back to my grapefruit for breakfast, after a pot of coffee of course, cheese sticks for snacks and cottage cheese for lunch, fish for dinner. It is only my second day, but I already feel better. Oh and hot tea all day, I know what you are thinking, it is 150 degrees outside, well, in here, in this office, it is typically 50 degrees on any given day.
Yesterday I was driving on the East side of Plano, I know what you are thinking, why is this blog worthy, well, let me tell you, everything east of central expressway in Plano is 30 miles an hour. Everything west of central expressway is 45 miles an hour. This is enforced amazingly well; there are more police officers on the east side of Plano than anywhere else. Why is this? Because they know that they can catch you speeding there? That most people are used to the 45 miles an hour rules everywhere else? Every time I drive on that side of town I see so many people pulled over and getting a ticket. I have been there once, one time and one ticket on that side of town is all it took for me to learn my lesson.
Perhaps, if someone in law enforcement in Plano reads this, they can explain the speed differences. I know this is not going to change as it is a major money maker for the city. But still, why the huge discrepancy?
Right now I am listening to Taio Cruz, the song is Dynamite, it literally makes me want to get up and dance, there is no one here on this side of the building until 6:30, so I could. Excuse me while I take a dance break! I hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Take a dance break!

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  1. I have a few theories about East vs. West Plano speed limits. Most are not printable in a public forum! Except for the fact that “Old Plano” was not originally designed around the high speed automobile that West Plano was, thus the streets are designed differently. Yeah… we’ll go with that.

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