Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

Today is Jeffrey Andrew’s birthday. He is 25 years old. I still remember the day he was born so vividly. He was two weeks early because back then that is what they did for a scheduled C-section. He was born with water on his lungs and spent 5 of the longest days of my life in intensive care. One of the doctors there told me that he would never be normal, would never play sports, would never be able to breathe normally; in fact he would more than likely have asthma and a host of other breathing issues.
Jeffrey proved him wrong, he not only was a great breather, and he went on to play soccer, baseball and football. He never had asthma; he does have allergies; however that is hereditary as his father has them as well.
I am so proud of my son, he has grown into a man that takes responsibility for his life, he doesn’t wallow in things when they go bad and if he makes a mistake he admits it and works toward correcting the issue.
I love you so much son, from the moment I found out you existed you have been an amazing miracle. I hope that today you have the best birthday ever.

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