Happy August!

I am fully caffeinated and getting back into the real world. I have just spent three days in complete Mary Kay bliss, learning about new products and seeing all of the great new fall colors! I cannot wait to show them to my existing customers and the new ones I will be helping.
It has been so long since I wrote; it seems forever, where to start. On Friday Tessa came for a visit, we had the best time, of course she spent the night. The next day, Saturday, we went to McDonalds, where she became the instant ruler of the playground. Even the older children did whatever she wanted, it was so fascinating to watch, not a shy bone in that girls body. You can tell her parents have instilled confidence and amazing self esteem in this child.
Sunday was spent getting everything ready to go to Mary Kay Seminar, my outfits, shoes and what hairstyle on what day. It was so good seeing friends I only get to see once a year and great to catch up with the ones that live here and I don’t get to see that often. It was also great making new friends. All in all an amazing time.
Of course after Seminar ended it was the annual tradition of lunch with Jess, since he works downtown we have made this an annual tradition, well, annual when my Seminar ends on a Wednesday, if it ends on a Saturday he is obviously not at work.
I then received a phone call yesterday afternoon that an issue I have been working on since the middle of May has been resolved, in the employees favor! Praise God! A totally amazing win, this has been such an emotional ride, a great outcome. Re-entry into the “real’ world could not have been any greater!
Well here is to a great week, a great day and a great August! Check out my Mary Kay website! The link is to the right!

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