Fall is in the air!

I walked out the door to a completely different world, one that has rain! I wish it would rain every day. I love rain, clouds, cold, snow, and ice, all of it, except heat. I despise the heat. I will be so happy to see fall come to North Texas. I am so very jealous of people who live in the states that get real weather, like snow and ice and coldness. However, I don’t want to move up North, I am a Southern girl by birthright and by choice. I find that the people are more smiley here in the southern states. I can’t explain it, I don’t try, and I just enjoy it. I find I like going places and strangers smile at you and you smile back. Ok, I admit, I am the one smiling first, I can’t help myself, I am a naturally gregarious person, saying hello, never meeting a stranger. How awesome would the world be if everyone was that way? If someone doesn’t smile back at me it does not ruin my day, I just figure that person is a transplant and needs more doses of niceness infused in them.
I am not really sure how this can be achieved, I am aware of people that have lived among us for many years who still retain sour attitudes. Before you can remind me that I am from Oklahoma, which is considered Midwest, not really sure why, I want to tell you that Oklahomans are the friendliest people on the face of the planet. I love going home because no one there has ever met a stranger. If you run into someone who has a sour disposition, ask them where they are from originally, I guarantee it is not Oklahoma.
I sit here typing and I hear thunder, it feeds my soul, hearing thunder means cooler weather is around the corner, cooler weather means great outfits, better dispositions all around and getting out of the indoors more! I look forward to fall here in North Texas.

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  1. Well I don’t like “bad” weather. To me bad weather is anything but sunshine. I was born in a winter month and don’t like winter. How about that? But we did need some rain here in Texas so its nice to see it this morning. It has my permission to stay a couple of days, then it needs to move on. LOL.

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