Chewbacca update

I made the Wookie mad at me. On Saturday I decided to clean my bedroom and rearrange some things. One of the things I rearranged was his bed. I not only washed the bedding I changed locations on him. That night when it was bed time, I took him into the bedroom, showed him where his bed was located. He looked at it, looked at me then walked over to where the bed used to be located, turned three times and laid down and looked at me with a defiantly. Well I was determined to keep the configuration of the room the way I wanted. So I turn the lights off and we all go to sleep, by all I mean me, Nocona and Chewie.
The next night I decide that he is indeed an old dog and I should not be torturing him with moved bedding, so I move it back to it original spot. That night he takes one look at it, and goes over to where I had moved it to the day before! Turns three times, lies down and stares at me. I threw my hands up and said I give up.
After teaching me a lesson he is back to sleeping in his bed. I will not be moving it again.

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  1. LOVE IT! Classic Chewie. Just in case you thought you had ANY say in how things went around here, he let you know!

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