August 9th

Well another August 9th has come around, I am just hoping for a stable, steady day. Should have stayed home for that one! Oh well, if it gets too bad, I can always leave.
I am not going to go into details of why today is a hard day for me, just asking for prayers to be sent up that it will be an ok day. At least until I get home.
This morning as I was getting dressed I watched an episode of Mad Men, I love that show. The costuming is perfection and the colors are eye popping; the dialogue is quick and snappy. The year they are in right now is the year I was born, so the era is one I can relate to, somewhat. I admit right now this is going to be a disjointed post.
I watch all three seasons of The Guild and the first 3 episodes of season 4 on Saturday. I highly recommend this series. Felicia Day is pure brilliance and the characters are so exaggerated, I hope. I only know a couple of gamers and they appear somewhat normal. Hmmm maybe she doesn’t exaggerate the characters. You tell me, I want to hear from all of the role playing gamers out there. If you have not watched The Guild, please do so then report back.

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