Who we are

We are the total sum of our experiences; an incredibly powerful statement, a very true statement. I firmly believe however, that it is our reactions to our experiences in life that tells who we are at our core. I see people around me, I see how they react to what the world throws at them, some of them I am very impressed with, some, not so much. I will not discuss anyone I actually know here. I will discuss celebrities, first let’s take Lindsey Lohann, so totally not impressed by how she handles her situations, we all know she had abysmal parenting, however, people who use their bad upbringing on their adult behavior are, well for lack of a better word, sad. Marshall Mathers or as everyone in the world knows him, Eminem, had the most brutal childhood, he was abused and abandoned by his mother, raised by a grandmother that was little better than the mother. He has channeled that anger into a lucrative music career; he also has full custody of his daughter and niece and is raising them, from all accounts, in a loving, protective environment. He has risen above his circumstances and how he persevered and flourished is nothing short of miraculous. 50 Cent, his mother was 15 when she had him and she made the decision to sell drugs instead of going on welfare, strange choices, I know, but there you have it. Curtis, as he was called back then, followed in his mother’s footsteps, as that was the only example he had, while dealing he himself became a parent and decided he did not want his child to follow in his footsteps, he stopped selling drugs and started writing music. He wanted to set a better example for his child. I find it admirable that he himself never took drugs and was able to leave that life behind.
We all face adversity, maybe not as extreme as the cases I have presented, maybe some have faced similar circumstances and they themselves have taken their experiences and turned it into something positive. I know that I have faced great challenges in my life, I have strived and continue to strive to not allow them to steer me in a direction that is going to be detrimental to me and the people I love. I have often said I would not change anything that happened to me, the things that were beyond my control, because they have made me who I am today, I really like who I am. I wonder if any of the people I have mentioned would change anything. By changing the things that have happened to us, it changes who we are, I don’t want to change who I am, I like who I am. The only thing I would change if I could, I had no control over and I could not change it as it involves the death of someone close to me. I have no control over life and death.
I hope everyone embraces their life, react in a way that is positive, accept change as a good thing and above all, know that there is someone higher to look to in good times and bad. He doesn’t just want to hear the difficult times in our lives; He also wants to hear about the positives.

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  1. I heard someone say that “we are no more and no less than the sum of our experiences.” I say phooey on that, for just the reasons you state above. Anyone worth their salt strives to improve those circumstances. Those who are LIMITED by their experiences will limit themselves, and that is truly sad.
    It comes down to my High School yearbook quote: “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they are yours!”

  2. OMG! I totally agree. I myself had a lot of adversity as a child. But I choose to raise above that and prove some people wrong. We as adults CANT continue to blame our current actions on our childhoods. I mean of course they are going to influence some things in our lives. But we also have free will. You choose to do the things you do as an adult. Also as you grow older you come in contact with other people in your life. Hopefully positive ones. If you choose to stay on a path of destruction that is on you and no longer on your parents or your upbringing. Take some responsibility people!! Stop blaming your failed relationships, marriages, friendships, and otherwise on your childhood. “When I was a child, I thought like a child. Now that I am an adult I put away my childish things.

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