I do my best thinking when that first wave of caffeine induced euphoria sweeps over me, which is why I write almost all of my posts in the early mornings. Today I started thinking about my old Sunday School teacher again. Someone meanly and rightly pointed out that her photo on her website was probably not from this decade, they are probably correct. Her hairstyle is exactly the same. I mean, come on, seriously, who keeps the same hairstyle all the way from 1979? And her daughter has the exact same hairstyle as she did in 1982. Her photo does look way more recent. Who does that? Who keeps the same hairstyle from decades before? That is a lot of upkeep, not to mention the same hair color? If I had the same hair color that I did when I was a senior, oh wait, never mind that, I went back to my natural color. Let’s get back to the cut, if I had kept the cut I would be sporting the Farah do right about now. That was a lot of work, it would take a minimum of two hours every day for me to get ready for school. Not that I consider it to have been a waste of time. I was freakin hot, I credit all that time spent on my looks as having a direct result in how I look now, so thank you to my past self.
I am very much feeling feisty this morning, it is Friday, I had starbucks and a diet coke yesterday afternoon, Alex came by and he and I had Taco Bueno for dinner, mind you it was an early dinner, but still. It was good and the company was good. But back to me feeling feisty, I also feel a need to be well cutting, my thoughts are darker than normal, I don’t quite understand why as my boss will be gone today and trust me that is a very good thing. For my sanity at least and perhaps for the sanity of those around me.
The first week of me working 5am to 1:30 is coming to a close and I am so grateful, it will take a minute for my body to get used to getting up 30 minutes earlier. Ok, here is the deal, if you have not gotten a compliment on your hair in the past six weeks, color it, cut it or buy some more of it. Do something! And by the way, someone saying to you, oh, wow, your hair, that is not a compliment unless they say Oh WOW your hair looks amazing. Or good, or incredible or I love it, or even I like it. If they have a stunned I totally cannot believe she did that to herself look, run back to that hairdresser immediately. Whew, I can’t believe I got that out! Please forgive me, I can’t seem to stop my fingers this morning, I really have not had that much caffeine this morning, I am just at a little over half a pot. Must go refill! Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. If they are getting looks of horror from those around them, something tells me maybe they shouldn’t run back to THAT hairdresser. Maybe a new one is in order. Just sayin…

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