Tessa Renee’!

Today is Tessa Renee’s birthday party; we will be celebrating her turning three. I still cannot believe it has been three years since that little ball of energy entered this world. She is an amazing child; you can tell she is in a loving home with two parents who love her very much. I would like to take credit for my son being the kind of father he is, but I know that it is his personality and temperament perhaps combined with my parenting abilities that has made him the man he is today.
He is truly amazing and I am amazed every day that God decided to bless me with him. Children are a gift from God, they only belong to us a short amount of time, the time goes by way too quickly. While I am proud of the adults my children have become I miss the toddler and elementary school and middle school and high school days with them.
Today is going to be a very hot day here in North Texas, we got some very good weather the last few days, storms and tons of rain, now back to the real July!
I hope everyone has a great day, I know I am going to enjoy seeing my beautiful Tessa have fun with her little friends!

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