Tessa Day!

Things are a little more back to normal now, perhaps not all the way but getting there. I have a new schedule at work which will begin July 18th, it is 5:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. this was my first choice. Monday through Friday I might add, I don’t know exactly how I got that schedule, I honestly thought there was not chance whatsoever that I would get it. But it will be nice during the summer and also during the holidays, as our schedules go for six months. When I get off in the afternoon on a weekday the malls will be less crowded hence quicker to get holiday shopping done.
Ok Jess I promise, no tooth decay today, well maybe a little, Tessa is spending the day and night with me! I am going to get her this morning and well let me just say this, let the fun begin! It is once again an action packed weekend, with Tessa here today and tomorrow, then Sunday will be with fiancé and his children at my friend Gladys’ new home celebrating the 4th of July and celebrating her and her husband’s new house. Very exciting! I am so happy for my friend Gladys and her family, they bought the home they have been wanting for quite a while, her daughter is sleeping all night, and her soccer team is doing fabulously. So yay Gladys!!
I have currently become re-addicted to Yoville, you can now do these jobs and make tons of money and win prizes, yes virtual prizes but still, like, are you ready for it… COFFEE!! Perfect game for me! It is sad, sad, sad that I am thinking about buying a Yoville game card from 7-11. I will resist the urge, I promise!

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