Starbucks Day!

Yesterday was a strange day at work, I had to move desks, again, they have put me with a group where no one comes to work when I do, and they all start much later. So I am all alone for an hour and a half. I have to say it is nice and quiet.
Also, yesterday, Kimmy looks at me and says you are very white today, I know what you are thinking, aren’t you white every day. Well, Kimmy doesn’t know that, I think this is the first time she has seen my skin color. She doesn’t know that I am Caucasian, so if you all could not tell her that would be great. Speaking of really white people and keeping secrets, as pale and pasty as I am, the Irishman is like a bazillion times paler and pastier. One time he was wearing shorts and socks, yes that situation was addressed, but the thing was you could not tell where the socks ended and his legs began. Don’t tell him, he doesn’t know he is actually that pale. You would think he would know that, being Irish, I thought the whole nation was that color, perhaps I am mistaken.
Today I am wearing something I never, ever wear in public, before anyone can shout Elmo slippers, just know I would have no hesitation to wear those in public, no, it is a T-shirt. I normally wear those while working out, however today is Thursday and that means wear red to work day and I have obtained a shirt that says Union Activist. I rather like announcing myself as an activist. So, on it went. Don’t get used to it; I seriously do not like wearing T-shirts to work, or to the store or really anywhere besides a gym or bed.
On an up note, I am wearing really cute heels with cute jeans with said way too casual t-shirt.
I am really looking for a new career; does anyone have any suggestions for me?? I am having a hard time figuring out what I would be good at.

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  1. The only time you mentioned Starbucks was in your title. Not in the body of your post. The leads me to believe that either you 1) simply mistitled your post, b) are so hopped up on caffeine that you forgot to mention it, or iii) you are deliberately trying to bait me into posting a comment.
    1) Will get you mocked. b) will get me running, especially since we now know you will just get Starbucks tomorrow on Real Starbucks Day(tm) as well. iii) well… it worked…

  2. I think Im just in denial. You are my sister no matter what color. I love you girl. But yesterday you looked particularly white. lol

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