Skate Ranch Owasso, OK RIP

So on my way to work I heard the song I want to kiss you all over by Exile, I love that song. I have so many fond memories of skating to that song. I remember this one time Pam went up to the DJ at the Skate Ranch to request that particular ditty, however, since she had a huge crush on him she became flustered and blurted out “I want to kiss you all over!” Of course we all were so embarrassed for her, the horror! She of course turned beet red and tried to recover by saying “I mean play the song.” And she very quickly made her escape via skates.
I have so many memories of that place; the Skate Ranch in Owasso was the place to be on Friday night. Ma and Pa Luper owned it and they were genuinely like family. It is the place many Owassoans had their first taste of liquor, behind the Skate Ranch, of course. It is the place were we could escape for a few hours and skate our troubles away. I loved the Skate Ranch, I loved disco skating and beyond all I loved hanging out with my friends at the rink. The Skate Ranch had the best floor, it was a wooden floor, that kind is the best for disco skating; they had the best nachos and the best popcorn.
Today they have made it into a carpet warehouse, the travesty of it all, how dare they take an iconic Owasso landmark and make it a carpet warehouse! I am outraged that no one in the city fought this, are there no more of us left there? That remember our home away from home? I promise you this right here and now fellow Owassoans, if I ever win the lottery I will buy the Skate Ranch back and restore it to its former glory!

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