Sheer Embarrassment

This past Holiday weekend was jam packed, so jam packed that yesterday I was too exhausted to write anything. Now, I am ready, and do I have a story to tell.
Yesterday evening I was so tired I decided that perhaps going to bed early would be in order as I had to wake at 3:30 a.m. so off to bed I go at 7:30 p.m. I fell asleep easily and soundly. I wake at 8:22, what I presume is a.m. the next morning, in a dead panic, because I have to be at work by 5:30, I called our attendance group, only to learn, yes, it was 8:22 p.m. the same evening. I was rather thoroughly embarrassed. Am happy to say I went back to sleep and woke to the alarm clock this morning at the appropriate time.
It must be a family trait; my grandmother did this exact thing once when I was staying with her and my great Aunt Effie. It was a Saturday evening, Grandma went to take a nap, and she slept for a long time. Great Aunt Effie and I went about our day, and into the evening, we were watching Love Boat, which tells you how long ago this was, when Grandma burst out of the bedroom, hair askew and says why are you two just sitting there? Get dressed we’re late for church! Well confusion abounded, we looked at each other and look at Grandma and said um it’s Saturday night, she just stared at us for the longest time, then my great aunt says Lela the Love Boat is on. Grandma shook it off and said well move over I like that show.
I hope this is the last time I do this, what a strange feeling, that you are late, that you missed your alarm clock going off.
I had way too much salt this weekend, so, back to my hot tea and cottage cheese today! Hope everyone has a great short work week!

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  1. I had just the opposite experience. I have an alarm set for Mon-Fri for my reg time to wake up. Yesterday I had to go to work 30 minutes later but forgot to reset the alarm. I woke up too early and couldn’t go back to sleep because I thought I’d be late. lol. We are some crazy kids.

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